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Speed of Eating

Rapid Ingestion

Rapid ingestion is a term used to describe a pet’s food and drink consumption at rapid speed – something many dogs and cats are guilty of! Some pets eat like they’ll never be fed again, eating so fast they hardly have time to chew or taste their meal. This could mean that pets don’t chew their food thoroughly which may impact on their ability to digest it properly.

Why Do Some Pets Eat So Fast?

It may be the way they learnt to eat during their developmental period as young animals, but some are just plain greedy! It has also been suggested that cats and dogs in the wild would catch their prey and eat it as quickly as possible before it is dragged away by a competitor. A pet’s bowl of food could be thought of in a similar way, and if the bowl is moving they may feel like their food is at risk which may in turn contribute to the speed at which they consume or ‘rapidly ingest’ their food.

Feeding your pet should become a routine, and they tend to know when their feeding time is. Sometimes if pets are not fed on time they will sit and watch, or follow you around until fed! If their feeding is delayed, when food finally arrives they can often eat at a faster pace which could be bad for their digestion.

There are many underlying medical conditions that can lead to the behaviours mentioned, so you should always seek professional advice from a qualified Veterinary Surgeon.

Why Could A PetWeighter Feeding Bowl Help?

The PetWeighter bowls are designed to be so heavy (when the base is filled) that they do not move when your pet is consuming food or drink. Not only is this convenient from a spills and mess perspective, but if we are able to reduce the speed at which your pet eats it may be better for them. If the bowl doesn’t move, your pet may not feel so threatened, and so the temptation to consume their foods so quickly may also be reduced.

Over time and experience of using their PetWeighter bowl your pet can take comfort in the knowledge that when eating and drinking, it stays until they want it to!



Arthritic changes can be common as pets get older but some discomfort may be alleviated during meal and drink times through the use of elevated feeding bowls (areas such as the neck, chest, elbows, and shoulders). With a PetWeighter pets don’t have to bend quite so far down to the bowl which they may find more comfortable. The bowls static position will also reduce the amount of movement required by your pet when feeding which in turn could reduce the amount of stress put on the pet’s joints*. After all, they want to enjoy their meal times, not struggle!

*Always consult your Veterinary Surgeon to determine the height of feeding and other requirements that are most appropriate for your pet.


This is where the oesophagus is not working properly. Food is not carried/pushed into the stomach and causes animals to regurgitate. This is uncomfortable, can cause weight loss, and has the risk of causing pneumonia if they inhale the regurgitated food. Because the PetWeighter is elevated, it may help the food move into the stomach with gravity and reduce regurgitation*. This could therefore help pets to receive the nutrition they need, and enjoy their meal times.

*Always consult your Veterinary Surgeon to determine the height of feeding and other requirements that are most appropriate for your pet.

Water Availability

All pets need constant access to water, and so ensuring your pets bowl doesn’t get tipped can help preserve their supply. It will also save you from mopping up!

The PetWeighter could also be used to support pets with specific needs. For example, Breeding Bitches and Puppies all need a constant supply of water and knocking over their bowls can mean a loss of their valuable supply. Sometimes pups can tip the bowl, or even soil in it. Doing so ruins the water or food. The PetWeighter will help keep the bowl in place, and at an elevated position that young pups shouldn’t reach to soil!


Pet health is a huge priority and you should always seek veterinary advice if in any doubt. A bi-annual health check with a Veterinary Surgeon will ensure that your pet is examined to ensure that it is in good health. Anything that is unusual or out of character, no matter how small you may consider it, should be identified and may be investigated by the Veterinary Surgeon.

Further, if your pet is behaving in an aggressive way while eating and you have children or other pets in the home, it is advised to protect them by setting aside a feeding space where your pet can eat without feeling threatened and defensive. You should always seek Veterinary advice with behavioural concerns. Your Veterinary Surgeon will advise you further and refer you to a qualified behaviourist if required.

Never leave children unattended with pets.


The information given on this website is not of a medical or advisory nature and no responsibility is accepted for the results of any actions made on the basis of it. Before taking specific actions in relation to your pet’s health you are advised to seek independent advice from a qualified Veterinary Surgeon. Peak Pet Products Ltd accepts no responsibility for any action taken as a result of the guidance contained above or on this website.