Our Vision


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring quality products that deliver convenience for pet owners, but even more importantly, that will help enhance pet health and well-being. Founded to deliver real solutions, we are delighted to bring PetWeighter products to pets and owners across the world.

We are passionate about pet wellbeing and as such we are delighted that our blog regularly welcomes veterinary specialists to give comment on key pet health issues.

What is PetWeighter?

PetWeighter is an award winning pet bowl that prevents your pet’s food and drink from travelling around the room! Simply fill the base with sand or water (or both!) and place the bowl on top. The bowl locks gently in place and is easily removed by human hands for filling and cleaning. No more soggy socks! No more moving meals! The video below tells more…

A bowl that stays put is not only convenient, but PetWeighter feeding solutions may also aid pet’s digestion and joints. Please click here to learn more about these

PetWeighter Benefits


Speed Of Eating

It may be the way they learnt to eat during their developmental period as young animals, but some are just plain greedy! It has also been suggested...



Arthritic changes can be common as pets get older but some discomfort may be alleviated during meal and drink times through the use of elevated...


Water Avalibilty

All pets need constant access to water, and so ensuring your pets bowl doesn’t get tipped can help preserve their supply. It will also save you from mopping up!